We've created this weight loss template [LOSE15] to help you jump-start your body composition goals. Feel free to customize it to better fit your particular body type and fitness levels. However, many individuals have had great success sticking to the plan as-is.  All you have to do is execute the program. 

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The Plan focuses on 3 pillars








program overview

The 15-pound quick starter program is meant to be implemented for 5-8 weeks. Average weight loss is between 2-3 pounds per week depending on starting body fat percentage, adherence to the program, genetics, age, etc. For most individuals, 2-3 pounds per week is safe and a reasonable rate of initial weight loss. Consult your health care practitioner prior to beginning any new diet and/or exercise program.


  • 3-4 whole-food meals per day
  • 1-2 nutrition shakes per day
  • Protein with each meal
  • Fibrous vegetables with at least 2 meals
  • Starchy carbs or fruit with 3 meals 

We've done our best to keep the LOSE15 nutrition portion of the template as simple as possible. Submit your specific questions with the contact form below.


5 TOTAL feedings per day

A meal in the LOSE15 template is a combination of lean protein with a starchy carb (for 3 meals) and/or a fibrous vegetable (at least 2 meals). A common reference is a serving of protein is about the size of your palm (4-8oz) and a serving of starchy carb is about the size of your clenched fist.


Sample Meals

  • Egg whites (6) [protein]
  • Oatmeal (1/2 cup) [starchy carb]
  • Water (16oz)
  • Chicken breast (palm size)
  • Potato (fist size)
  • Broccoli (fist size)

We recommend most people consume a meal 60-90 minutes prior to exercise [pre-workout] and a second meal within 60-90 minutes following exercise [post-workout]. For simplicity sake your post-workout recovery meal should contain both a serving of protein and a serving of starchy carb. 

While nutrient timing isn't as important as once thought, most individuals who are successful with the LOSE15 program each a whole-food meal every 5-6 hours with a nutrition shake in-between whole-food meals. We will discuss specific recommended nutrition shakes in the supplement section. 

Sample Daily Meal Plan

  • Protein + starchy carb / 7:00am
  • Nutrition shake  / 10:00am
  • Protein + starchy carb + fibrous veggie / 12:30pm
  • Nutrition shake / 4:00pm
  • Protein + starchy carb + fibrous veggie / 7:30pm


Drink plenty of water throughout the day. The urine test is one of the best ways to ensure you are properly hydrated. Basically your urine should be slightly white/yellow (as opposed to a dark, smelly yellow). 



  • You can replace a starchy carb with a serving of fruit. 
  • If you don't eat a fatty fish at least 2-3 times per week consider taking an omega-3 supplement rich in EPA and DHA daily. 
  • We do not recommend a cheat meal on this quick start program. However, there is nothing wrong with replacing a starchy carb with a small serving of say your favorite treat [e.g., Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich]. Just try to keep the calories about the same [~150-200 calories]. 
  • We highly recommend you use the recommended nutrition shake found in the Supplement Section of this guide. The shake supplies adequate, premium protein, fiber-rich carbohydrates, healthy fats, and added nutrients. 




Exercise is Pillar 2 of the LOSE15 program. As with the nutrition program we've tried to keep it as simple as possible. Submit your specific questions with the contact form below.

But guess what? Simplicity with exercise is likely just as or more beneficial than more complex, detailed programs. This is especially true for a novice or intermediate trainee. Here's what we recommend:

  • Strength training 4 days per week
    • 2 days upper body [Mon and Thurs]
    • 2 days lower body [Tue and Fri]
  • HIIT cardio every other day 
    • 16-20-minutes on first session
    • 20-24 minutes on following session
    • Repeat

Upper Body Strength Training

Monday hypertrophy [3 sets, 8-12 reps per exercise]

  • Flat db bench press
  • Fly machine
  • Lat-pull downs
  • Seated db overhead press
  • Side db lateral raise
  • DB curls
  • Tricep pressdowns

thursday strength [3 sets, 4-6 reps per exercise]

  • Flat barbell bench press
  • Incline barbell bench press
  • Barbell rows
  • Standing barbell overhead press
  • Barbell curls

Lower Body Strength Training


  • Leg press
  • Leg extension
  • Leg curls
  • Standing calf press
  • Seated calf press


  • Barbell squats
  • Barbell deadlifts or stiff-leg deadlifts
  • Standing calf press
  • Seated calf press

HIIT Cardio

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. Perform intervals of 1:40 recovery followed by 0:20 intensity. An example would be on a recumbent bike pedal at 80 RPM on level 6 for 1:40 minutes, then sprint on the bike for 20-seconds at level 12... then repeat. 

  • Sessions should be vigorous but not dangerous
  • You should be sweating and breathing hard following 1-3 sprints. 
  • Perform every other day (e.g., Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, etc.) 
  • Alternate the duration of each session.

SAMPLE WEEk for hiit cardio

  • Monday
    • Upper Body Hypertrophy
    • HIIT 16-20 minutes [following strength training]
  • Tuesday
    • Lower Body Hypertrophy
  • Wednesday
    • HIIT 20-24 minutes
  • Thursday
    • Upper Body Strength
  • Friday
    • Lower Body Strength
    • HIIT 16-20 minutes [following strength training]
  • Saturday
    • rest
  • Sunday
    • HIIT 20-24 minutes

Repeat for Week 2


While not a requirement proper supplementation may increase your results, especially when combined with the recommended LOSE 15 Nutrition and Exercise Program. Learn more about these premium products here. →→

SAMPLE DAILY MEAL PLAN + supplementation

  • 7:00am
    • Protein + starchy carb
    • Prometalean or Burn
    • Lady or Alpha Vites
  • 10:00am
    • Coastal Pro premium nutrition shake
  • 12:30pm
    • Protein + starchy carb + fibrous veggie
    • Prometalean or Burn
  • 4:00pm
    • Coastal Pro premium nutrition shake
  • 7:30pm
    • Protein + starchy carb + fibrous veggie
    • Cleanse (or Trio)


  • 7:00am
    • 6 egg whites, 1 whole-egg, 1/2c. oatmeal
    • Prometalean or Burn
    • Lady or Alpha Vites
  • 10:00am
    • Coastal Pro premium nutrition shake
  • 12:30pm
    • Chicken breast + 1c. rice + broccoli
    • Prometalean or Burn
  • 4:00pm
    • Coastal Pro premium nutrition shake
  • 7:30pm
    • Tilapia + sweet potato + mixed greens
    • Cleanse (or Trio)

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