DSD is more than a supplement store. We represent a healthy, fitness-minded lifestyle. We lift, we train, we sweat. We're not afraid to do some heavy squats or AMRAP a set of deadlifts. We're not 'meatheads' or 'gym rats', but rather serious advocates of a fit, strong, and healthy lifestyle. 

Our staff's goal is to help you reach your personal fitness endeavors. We achieve this by living the lifestyle ourselves. Many of our staff members are active in the local fitness community. 


There are literally hundreds of supplement brands to choose from. That's why we carefully selected the brands we believe will help our customers achieve the best results. We look for companies with long track records of manufacturing high-quality, safe, and effective products at affordable prices. 


We don't hire cashiers, period. We look for staff members that want to see you through your personal journey of fitness. Whether your looking to lose a few pounds, add some muscle, or just live a healthier, balanced lifestyle -- we can help you. We take the necessary time with each customer providing them with the product, nutrition, and fitness knowledge to be successful. 


DSD stores are locally owned and operated. We take great pride in our stores and want you to have an excellent customer experience.